Specialty Carbons for Ultraviolet Protection & Weatherabilty

Long term exposure to sunlight leads to the degradation of surface materials resulting in a deterioration of physical properties, changes in color or chalking. To limit or postpone these types of degradation, carbon black particles can absorb ultraviolet (UV) radiation in polymers.

UV radiation is not damaging to carbon black, and carbon black’s presence slows or prevents the destructive absorption of radiation that can impact flexibility, mechanical strength and opacity of the polymer. UV and weatherability protection is a key performance requirement in end-use applications including plastics for film and sheet, pipe, consumer and food packaging, industrial film, lamination, carrier bags, agricultural films and geosynthetics.

Carbon black’s effectiveness as a UV absorber depends on a number of factors including particle size, aggregate structure, loading levels, and equally as important, its level of dispersion. We offer a full portfolio of specialty carbon blacks that are designed to improve UV protection and weatherability while balancing other important parameters such as surface quality and processability. 

Our technical sales and service teams are available to work with you and provide additional product information and support to aid in your selection of the best product for your specific application. Regardless of your application, our product offerings provide differentiated performance and reliable quality.