Masterbatches & Conductive Compounds

Our diverse range of formulations deliver solutions to meet performance and process requirements across many industries and applications.

Serving a wide range of industries including automotive, agriculture, infrastructure, packaging and more, our PLASBLAK® and TECHBLAK™ masterbatches provide a high level of quality, reliability and performance and are formulated to meet your application- and polymer-specific needs. We manufacture all our masterbatch formulations to exacting standards.

Additionally, our CABELEC® compounds and concentrates offer electrical conductivity in a range of plastics applications and processes, primarily for the dissipation of static charge. Regardless of your application, our conductive compounds and concentrates provide differentiated performance and reliable quality to protect your products. We collaborate with you to better understand your specific requirements related to electrical, rheological and mechanical properties, and ultimately identify the right CABELEC product for your application.

Our newest product innovation, PLASBLAK® XP6801D black masterbatch is a unique styrene acrylonitrile (SAN)-based formulation that meets the needs of the styrenics market by enabling excellent color performance, mechanical properties and UV resistance at a lower masterbatch concentration.