Digital Inks for Commercial Printing

We leverage our detailed understanding of complex digital ink systems to provide market-leading solutions for this growing segment.

Our technical and manufacturing teams are experts in the design, manufacture and use of inkjet pigment dispersions. We work with key customers to design inks that are optimized for the very best performance within high-speed inkjet systems. We apply our knowledge and expertise to our customers' challenges to understand and solve critical problems. We understand:

  • The interaction of the individual components within complex fluids that are used in ink formulations
  • Print heads and the crucial relationship they have with the ink
  • The great variety of substrates that are used in commercial printing and how the ink behaves on the paper
  • Drying and water management

In addition to the investments we continue to make in our people, we make substantial investments in our development laboratories and our manufacturing plant. Our ink team operates in a modern print laboratory that houses inkjet test beds and analytical equipment — all of which is used to provide innovative solutions for our customers.