Semi-Reinforcing Carbon Blacks

Industry standard products and engineered particle solutions for tire carcasses and industrial product applications.​

Our semi-reinforcing solutions can be used in a wide range of tire applications and to optimize compound performance in industrial rubber product applications on multiple dimensions, including strength, resilience, part life and high-quality extrudate surface finish.

All Cabot carbon blacks are manufactured to meet our stringent specifications and are backed by Cabot’s commitment to quality, performance, service, and reliability.

Featured Products

  • Our SPHERON® LP series carbon blacks are patented pelletized semi-reinforcing carbon blacks characterized by a controlled, very low PAH content.
  • Our SPHERON® A series carbon blacks are designed to address surface imperfections.

Low PAH Carbon Blacks

Our new LP series of low PAH carbon blacks is engineered to help you meet stringent performance specifications while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and quality certifications.