Aerogel Blanket

Aerogel blankets incorporate aerogel particles into ultra-thin, flexible nonwovens with superior insulating properties.

Our ThermalWrap™ blanket products are available in multiple thicknesses up to 8 millimeters, and can be used as thermal insulation in buildings, apparel and industrial insulation. They are particularly well-suited for applications that require a thin product that can be easily cut, rolled and shaped on the job site. Because they offer high insulation performance even when compressed, they are especially useful as a thermal break in places that otherwise conduct heat, such as over studs and around windows.

ThermalWrap blanket products can provide light transmission, light diffusion and high-performance thermal insulation. They are also:

  • Highly-breathable, but water repellent
  • Flexible, bendable and wrappable
  • Low-dusting and low-powdering