Graphene-based materials are a family of industrial products made from graphite or other precursors using a variety of processes.

These materials are typically in the form of few-layered platelets and maintain some of the properties of pristine graphene such as two-dimensional platelet shape, aspect ratio and graphitic bonding. We are working with leading companies to solve some of their toughest challenges through the use of graphene containing formulations. 

In energy storage applications such as lead batteries, the morphology of our graphene-based additive allows our customers to:

  • Improve battery cycle life in deep discharge applications 
  • Maintain high discharge rates at low temperatures 
  • Reduce negative plate sulfation 
  • Improve negative electrode conductivity
In elastomers, we are finding that the use of even small amounts of graphenes can: 
  • Increase modulus at a fraction of the loading of carbon black
  • Help eliminate performance trade-offs, offering our customers breakthrough product improvements 

Cabot has invested in the development of technologies for the production and use of graphenes by establishing a team that is focused on leveraging the company's experience in carbon materials to deliver graphene solutions that can break trade-offs for our customers and deliver unique performance.

"Commercializing graphene solutions for composites and batteries" in Printed Electronics World