Our products deliver exceptional color and cleanliness for fiber and textile applications.

For the fiber and textile industries, we offer a portfolio of specialty carbons that deliver exceptional color performance and physical cleanliness enabling processors to maintain consistent, reliable production. Our products for fiber and textiles do not have many of the negative characteristics of dyes in synthetic fiber applications, including inconsistent fiber characteristics, lack of high color fastness, and negative environmental impacts. In contrast, our specialty carbons allow customers to produce synthetic fibers with highly reproducible characteristics, strong light fastness, minimal colorant migration, and a lower environmental impact.

Our products are suitable for use with various polymers used in fiber and textile applications, including polyester, nylon and polypropylene. We also offer specific products for fine-denier polyester fiber applications where filterability and spinability are critical. Our products help customers satisfy key performance criteria:

  • Color strength
  • Filterability/spinnability
  • Blue tone
  • Masterbatch dilutability
  • Ease of dispersibility

We offer products that can meet the performance needs for fine denier, staple fiber and industrial applications. Relative product performance is illustrated in the figure below:



Product Name Product Description Datasheet SDS

A black masterbatch designed for use in polypropylene staple fiber applications. It exhibits high dilutability together with optimum carbon black dispersion characteristics to give good color development and excellent protection against ultraviolet (UV) weathering. This product is suitable for use in a wide range of plastics that come into contact with food.

Specialty Carbon Blacks

Product Name Product Description Datasheet SDS

A specialty carbon black that offers a balance of cleanliness and color for standard fibers, such as high end carpets and coarse filaments.


A specialty carbon black offering superior cleanliness (with our strictest Fine Screen Delta P limits), deep color, and processability (higher masterbatch loadings) for fiber applications.


BLACK PEARLS 5160 specialty carbon black is a high jetness specialty carbon black for synthetic fiber applications that offers the filterability needed to produce filament fibers.


A high jetness, specialty carbon black for fiber applications providing good blue tone and exceptional cleanliness for fine denier fiber.