Tablet Production

Our fumed silicas deliver superior tablet and capsule processing and performance.

Tablet Production

Our CAB-O-SIL® M-5P and M-5DP fumed silicas are key excipients that enhance formulation and processing performance of tablets and capsules. Their benefits include:

  • Powder-free flow. CAB-O-SIL M-5P and M-5DP excipients function as a free-flow agent or glidant to help improve tablet production efficiencies, tablet uniformity, and tablet hardness. Improved free flow of powders can lead to more efficient filling of capsules.
  • Dry carrier and flavor masking agent. CAB-O-SIL M-5P and M-5DP excipients can adsorb liquids to produce dry powders. At higher concentrations, they can act as flavor masking agents for chewable tablets.
  • Spray drying aid. CAB-O-SIL M-5P fumed silica can reduce clogs in spray dryer atomizers and decrease the amount of product sticking to the walls.
  • Moisture adsorption. CAB-O-SIL excipients can facilitate the stabilization of moisture-sensitive drugs. In granulation processes, CAB-O-SIL products can redistribute the moisture in the mixture, which can help to break up large wet agglomerates.
  • Rheology for capsule filling. CAB-O-SIL M-5P excipients are ideal for rheology control and thickening of non-polar fluids used to fill capsules. For soft-gel capsules, CAB-O-SIL M-5P fumed silica can help prevent the settling of insoluble ingredients in the liquid or gel prior to and during filling of the capsule.
  • Tablet coating. CAB-O-SIL M-5P excipients can stabilize pigment suspensions in liquid tablet coatings. CAB-O-SIL excipients can be added to coating powders to improve flow and promote fast drying.

CAB-O-SIL M-5P fumed silica meets all the requirements for:
  • "Colloidal Silicon Dioxide" in the U.S. Pharmacopeia/National Formulary
  • "Silica, Colloidal Anhdryous" in the European Pharmacopoeia
  • "Light Anhydrous Silicic Acid" in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia

CAB-O-SIL M-5DP fumed silica meets all the requirements for:

  • "Colloidal Silicon Dioxide" as described in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia National Formulary 
  • "Silica, Colloidal Anhydrous" as described in the European Pharmacopoeia

CAB-O-SIL M-5DP fumed silica is currently available in Europe only.