Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is the technological process of building a three-dimensional (3D) object, layer by layer, through a computer enabled design model.

additive manufacturing

AM enables rapid product development, improved product quality, and reduced costs and time to market; it is continuing to grow thanks to its convenience and accessibility, which lead to reduced inventory carrying requirements. To realize its full potential, AM must rely on innovative additives that can enable new functions and help improve product quality and performance, as well as process efficiency. 

We offer several solutions that can support the performance needs of AM applications. Our colloidal and composite silica particles in dry, fluffy form can be easily dispersed down to the primary particle size. Our fumed silica can impart key performance benefits for additive manufacturing across all technologies. Specialty carbon black products that can deliver desired pigmentation, resistivity and mechanical properties are also part of our AM product portfolio.



Cabot Products for 3D Printing

We’re ready to support the growing additive manufacturing industry with a portfolio of performance additives. Click here to see how we support application excellence for the most popular AM technologies and request samples.