Industrial & General Metal Coatings

Industrial coatings are designed to protect and decorate metals for a multitude of applications. We provide fumed metal oxide products that enhance product durability and carbon black products that allow formulators to achieve a desired black color or tinting in industrial coating applications.


We offer a broad portfolio of specialty carbon black products for industrial coatings, including products designed specifically for masstone, tinting and low viscosity applications. Our medium color carbon blacks are an excellent choice for use in industrial coating systems because they promote superb jetness with good opacity and high gloss.

Our tinting carbon blacks allow formulators to create the wide range of colors that designers, specifiers and consumers demand. They demonstrate stable blue undertone and tint strength. Our low viscosity carbon blacks are designed for applications where thin films are desired. In many cases, low-viscosity carbon blacks are easier to disperse than conventional carbon black products.

Additionally, our CAB-O-SIL® fumed silica products provide a variety of functionality in industrial coatings, including corrosion resistance, rheology control, sag resistance and anti-settling. We offer CAB-O-SIL fumed silica products in both hydrophilic and hydrophobic forms, which can be selected for both polar and non-polar systems. Highly hydrophobic CAB-O-SIL fumed silica is often selected for applications such as pipe, tank and water basin coatings, which require a high level of resistance to fluids.

For waterborne systems, we offer the CAB-O-SPERSE® line of fumed silica and alumina dispersions. CAB-O-SPERSE dispersions can provide increased film hardness, enhanced corrosion resistance, high clarity and reduced tack-free time, all in an easy-to-use liquid delivery system.