Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Formulating pressure-sensitive adhesives requires easy-to-incorporate additives that can significantly increase the thermo-mechanical strength.

Our portfolio of fumed metal oxides are commonly used to improve the processing and performance characteristics of adhesive films formed from natural rubber, polychloroprene, acrylates and other water-based latex emulsions.

These high specific surface area particles can decrease drying times, mitigate crack formation by modulating the capillary pressure, and enhance the mechanical properties of the final product. Pre-dispersed fumed metal oxides, such as CAB-O-SPERSE® dispersions, provide an easy and effective means of incorporating these particles into adhesive films. CAB-O-SPERSE® dispersions are “pour-in” delivery systems of fumed silica or fumed alumina for waterborne processes.

We have observed significant improvements in cohesive shear strength and thermo-mechanical properties of water borne pressure-sensitive adhesives due to the incorporation of highly dispersed fumed silica. Shear measurements over a range of temperatures show significant increases in shear strength with fumed metal oxide loading as low as 4% by weight, with little loss of peel strength. The shear strength improvement due to fumed silica is particularly striking for elevated temperature applications.